How can we #ChooseToChallenge working practices and cultures to improve employee experience and wellbeing

Tara Mansfield, Head of People at Monzo
Bukola Adisa, founder of Career Masterclass
Natasha Khimji, founder of LevelUp
Niamh and Caroline at Code Club, pre-covid
Niamh McCooey, front-end developer at Elsewhen
Caroline W, front-end developer at Elsewhen

Tara: My first question is around Intersectionality at work — how do you think companies should approach intersectionality in their D&I strategy? What does good look like?

Tara: Taking care of your mental health is more important than ever and some employers are doing a lot to support their employees. What are the best practices you’ve experienced firsthand or witnessed from afar?

Tara: People can often feel they have to become more typically masculine at work in order to succeed whether that be in approach, communication etc. Have you ever felt this way?

Tara: My final question for you all is around politics in the workplace — companies can often discourage conversations around Politics at work but given that, for many individuals, their basic human rights are at risk — how do you create space for those conversations?




Moving women in tech forward. Together.

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Ada's List

Ada's List

Moving women in tech forward. Together.

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