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2021: Where do we want to go next

Double, triple, quadruple down on what makes us unique (and great!):

  • We’re non-hierarchical
  • We’re de-centralized
  • Generous with our time, support, and attention to one another

We are launching a pay what you can, membership program

We want to stay independent and so to this end we are introducing a paid membership model hosted on Patreon — where members can receive additional benefits by pledging their support to Ada’s List.

Ada’s List as you know it will remain free, but paying members will have additional benefits — from discounts to shout outs — throughout the year.

If you feel like you want to pay that back and forward so others can do it
We’re asking for your support so we can keep that ✨ alive.

Our pledge

Rest assured: we will remain independent. We’re not looking for venture funding. We don’t want to be in a position where we need permission from someone else to exist. We’d like to remain as we are, but with the possibility to sustain, grow and enrich our community together and, for that, we need your help.

What can you expect?

✨ All of that stuff we’ve just spoken about, It means we can focus on it.

Why Patreon?

We ❤ our allies: this allows us to engage allies in a constructive and engaged way

Some final thoughts…

This decision really wasn’t taken lightly. We’re aware of what’s happening around us.

Moving women in tech forward. Together.