An image of the Ada’s List Patron page: Ada’s List is creating a global group of women, non-binary people, and allies in tech

Become an Ada’s List Patron — and a peek into our operations

At the 2020 Ada’s List Conf, we launched our new Ada’s List Patron programme — thank you so much for your support so far. We’ve loved hearing from all of our new patrons about how Ada’s List has supported them (or a friend) in their careers. Ada’s List is the place people come to to find co-founders, new jobs, hire new teammates, get advice, find a mentor/mentee, and generally come to conspire with other like-minded women.

Ada’s List co-founder and CEO Merici Vinton shares the brief history of Ada’s List and gives an explanation about the new Patron programme.

2021 (assuming there is one)

Now that we have a full year behind us, we can get more accurate about our projections and the shape of our team for the coming year. We want to share this with you so you, our community, can understand a bit more how we operate and why we believe launching a patron program is the best way for us to achieve the sustainability we need to keep our community independent and alive.

What do you want to do with this new programme?

By launching a paid membership program, we want to focus on extra community management, even more jobs, and forging connection for our members. Here’s where we want to focus next year and beyond:

  • Fewer women feeling alone in senior positions
  • Building better support around women experiencing harassment and bullying

What’s next…

We have a lot more planned — this is just the beginning, so stay tuned! We want to be the place that not just launches new businesses, teams, and careers — but also new campaigns, leadership roles, board seats, and more. We want to give our members wings so they can fly even higher. Support and join our efforts and become an Ada’s List Patron today.

Moving women in tech forward. Together.

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