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At the 2020 Ada’s List Conf, we launched our new Ada’s List Patron programme — thank you so much for your support so far. We’ve loved hearing from all of our new patrons about how Ada’s List has supported them (or a friend) in their careers. Ada’s List is the place people come to to find co-founders, new jobs, hire new teammates, get advice, find a mentor/mentee, and generally come to conspire with other like-minded women.

Join them — become an Ada’s List Patron today.

What we wanted to do now is paint a picture of why we have decided…

We are collaborating with our partners at Monzo Bank as part of our #AdasListIWD events!

As well as this blog series, we are going live with Monzo on Monday 8th March, for a Q&A webinar featuring 3 experts from the Monzo team and moderated by Shefali Roy — one of our Ada’s List board members.

Monzo are a company who have continued to challenge their own industry by pushing the boundaries of FinTech — from prioritising staff mental wellbeing in and outside the workplace to putting their customers’ health at the centre of their business strategy. More recently, they’ve…

We’re excited to be collaborating with our partners at Applied as part of our #AdasListIWD events. Applied are on a mission to de-bias the hiring process so that everyone gets a fair shot — regardless of gender, race or background.

“Whilst most organisations would like to improve their diversity, real, measurable change starts with a conscious decision to challenge the status quo.” — Applied

This blog post looks in detail at the ways in which you can #ChooseToChallenge your hiring practices — from the sourcing stage through to interviewing, to allow for a more inclusive hiring process.

Next week, Ada’s…

Welcome to the second blog in our series with Bulb, the green energy company, bringing you interviews focused on areas like marketing and sustainability from experts at Bulb.

To begin, we explore brand and company values, hosted by Clem Hobson, Head of Brand at Bulb — in conversation with:

  • Marissa Ellis, founder of Diversily and the creator of The Change Canvas
  • Sam Brown, co-founder of Consequential
  • Cameo Choquer, Operations Manager at Applied

A note from Clem, Head of Brand at Bulb -

Hi, I’m Clem. I lead Bulb’s in-house creative team to create content and advertising for Bulb’s UK…

The first in our 3 part blog series with Bulb — Sustainability

Welcome to the first in our blog post series with our partners Bulb — the green energy company — where we’ll be bringing you interviews focused on areas like marketing and sustainability from experts at Bulb.

This is a 3 part series, which will cover the following topics -

Week 1: Sustainability

Week 2: Branding and Company Values

Week 3: Growth‍

The focus on this blog is Sustainability, and how both sustainability and diversity can help lead to greater company success.

In this blog post, Shaunagh Duncan (Sustainability Lead at Bulb) talks to Eileen Willett and Nancy Zeffman (co-founders of…

We’ve been closely following the story of Timnit Gebru and her sacking in December from Google Research. As their ethical AI co-lead, Gebru left Google over a protracted disagreement on the release of a research paper she had co-authored, that examines a line of AI technology Google appears to be deeply invested in.

Timnit Gebru was sacked in December by Google Research, who claim she resigned

Since leaving Google, the story has been played out publicly by Gebru on Twitter, who has criticised Google, her direct bosses Jeff Dean and HR for their behaviour, both whilst in position and in relation to her sacking.

In solidarity with Gebru — who has consistently said…

Background: We have had an emergent approach built on our innate values of openness and inclusivity. And that got us so far. But now we’re bigger than we ever imagined starting out, it’s time to write down what those values are and deliberately design a community that meets our aims and aspirations for ourselves and women in tech. This is the Ada’s List Agenda.

Ada’s List is a group for women (or individuals that identify as) who are committed to changing the tech industry.

Ada’s List exists to make women in technology stronger as a community and as individuals. We…

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